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Welcome to the Foot Golf course:

For the soccer players who would like to try something new and fun, we have installed a new game for Willow Valley GC called Footgolf. Check out the general info on their website www.footgolf.net to see some of the ways this game with a soccer ball and a layout on a golf course can be lots of fun and challenge. 


GENERAL INFO: We have created a 9 hole footgolf course on our existing golf course , with 21″ cups and flagsticks marking the footgolf holes. The footgolf course will not interfere with our regular play, since the tee areas and footgolf holes will be located in fairway and rough areas. The Footgolf course is much shorter than the standard golf course, but at 1500 yards will be quite a challenge for the footgolf player. The is fun for all ages and skills, and requires little to no investment since the concept is to kick a soccer ball from a specific tee area to a 21″hole and record your amount of kicks until the soccer ball is holed. You keep score just like regular golf and their shall be par designations for the Footgolf holes , so you can measure your skill level each time you play. Unlike Golf, this only requires each player to wear soft spiked athletic shoes and to bring their own soccer ball. For those who do not have a soccer ball on hand, we rent them for use on the Footgolf course for a minimal charge. The charges to play the nine holes of Footgolf as follows:

9 Holes of Footgolf- $10

Replay of Footgolf – $5

Soccer ball rental- $2

Riding Cart rental- $5/ 9 holes of Footgolf.

See how it’s played here:  FOOTGOLF INTRODUCTORY VIDEO


1) The course shall be open for play after 12:00 Noon until the regular close of the course.

2) No Tee times are required for small groups , but groups 15+ or leagues must contact us to set a specific time and date.

3) Minimum age for being allowed on course is 7 years old .. children 10 and under must be supervised by an adult.


5) Please stay off the golf greens and respect the regular golfers on the course .

6) Footgolf groups shall be considered the same as a golfing group and shall start at hole 1 when the tee is available

7) Footgolf tee markers are Orange and marked with tee numbers – Footgolf Flags are Orange and white located just off the fairways.

8) Footgolf Scorecards are available in the Shop and have course layout and specific info.


If your group would like to do something that is fun and new please contact the golf shop to set-up an outing where your group can play footgolf  and have lots of fun.  For the soccer players, we can host a league night at the course where you can bring a group of players to compete on a weekly basis as a new type of competion for your group. Rather then play the normal soccer game , come out to Willow Valley and play a fast 9 holes of Footgolf with your regular league. If you have enough players we will shotgun your group on several of the holes and you can play the entire course in about a hour and 15 minutes and get back home with time to spare. In the world that is so busy this is a very nice way to enjoy exercise in a beautiful outdoor enviornment in a very economical time frame.


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