Greens Fees

Greens Fees 2015

9 Holes Walking 9 Holes w/ Cart REPLAY WALKING REPLAY RIDING
Fee $15 $24 $5 $10

Junior Rates: Minimum age 7 … to 16

        9 holes       Riding        Walking

   Junior 7-16       $18                  $10             Standard replay rates apply        

AGE 13 and under must be with an adult… must have valid drivers license to operate golf cart.

SENIORS AGE 50 +     Riding 9 Holes – $20  Replay -$10


2015 Pull Cart Golf Clubs  
Fee $5 $10 to 20  based on set quality..basic vs. Nike  

Save as much as 25% with our multi-play passes: Avid players who make Willow Valley their course of choice can save with special multi-round passes. The passes are issued for the calendar year and all expire on 12/31/2014. The passes can be used for more than one player, so you can be a great host for your golfing partners by using the discount passes for their fees. Passes can be purchased in quanities of 5-10 or 20 rounds with savings increasing with larger quanities. In addition we have our rewards program for those who play a lot and may purchase more than 1 pass/year. The program has discounts on your 2nd-3rd and 4 th passes purchased during the season and with the savings you can be playing 9 holes with a cart for only $15 if you fully utilize this program.


2015 5 Round Walking 5 Round Riding 10 Round Walking 10 Round Riding
Fee $65 $100 $110 $190

For the best savings of  25% on each round..purchase the 20 round pass…

20 rounds walking = $200        20 rounds riding = $360



Twenty rounds not enough? Become a member and enjoy unlimited rounds. Memberships are offered by calendar year. To set up your 2015 membership, call 717-464-4448. The memberships come in 3 classes:

UNLIMITED WALKING: Play every day the course is available or even play a morning round and return for more evening golf..we welcome you!

RIDING MEMBERSHIP: Play golf and recieve a cart for 9 holes/day that you play..if you wish to play additional rounds in a day you only pay for cart fees . If you wish to walk the second round there is no charge

JUNIOR MEMBERSHIP: For the junior player 17 and under…unlimited walking membership…children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult when playing.

2015 fees:    Walking membership = $595

                        Riding Membership = $1050

                        Junior Membership = $250



If you have a smaller  group of 40 or less players that wishes to play 9 or 18 holes we can handle your outing. Call the golf shop at 717-464-448 to make your arrangments and set a price based on the size of your group. For groups larger than 24 players we will close the golf course for your outing , but note if you fail to reach the minimum number of players you will be charged for the difference.

Groups of 16 and less: Standard rates apply for 9 and 18 holes

Groups of 17-24: Discounted rate riding 9 holes = $22/player and 18 holes = $32/player

Groups 25 – max: Discounted rate riding 9 holes= $20/player  and 18 holes = $30/player

Our senior rate does not appy to special outings.