Hours of Operation

 2015 Hours of Operation – Golf Shop

  Open Close
Winter  December-January-February (Weather Permitting) 9:00am  3:oo pm
March ( Closed on Mondays) 9:00am  4:00 pm


9:00am  6:00pm
May 8:00 am  6:00pm
Summer  June-July-August 8:00 am  6:00 pm
September (Closed on last 2 Mondays 21st and 28th ) 8:00 am  5:00pm
October (Closed on Mondays)  9:00 am  4:00 pm
November (Closed Mondays) 9:00 am  4:00 pm



The open times are subject to weather conditions during the colder months and frost conditions, so to be sure of an accurate start time call the golf shop for any details 717-464-4448

 If you wish to ride we allow our last cart to go on the course approximatly 2 hours before our final close time and it is required to be in by close time. The time carts must be returned to the Golf Shop is Posted , if you do not finish the round with the cart you may continue to play walking after the cart is returned. Walking is permitted and encouraged at the facility and you may come and walk any time , if the shop is closed use our Honor System. The HONOR SYSTEM is a cost of $10 to walk after close of the Golf Shop and you place your money in the Golf Shop door slot and enjoy your walk. If you are not sure of specific details call the golf shop 717-464-4448 for any information.