Reward Program – Willow Valley Golf

We love when you play our course multiple times though the season and we want you to come back many times and enjoy a quick round at Willow Valley. With that in mind, we have started our REWARDS program which will give you the player substatial discounts from our standard rate and as you play more golf here your rounds get cheaper.

                           The More You Play —- The More You Save !!!!

The following chart defines the program and prices as you purchase addtional passes during the season:

                                                    1st pass      2nd pass     3rd pass     4th pass and on….

                                      Price for a pass:

10 Round Walking                         $110                  $105            $100            $95

10 Round Riding                            $190                  $180            $170           $160

20 Round Walking                         $200                  $190            $180            $170

20 Round Riding                            $360                  $340            $320            $300