Willow Valley Property Management & Development History

Willow Valley has had a long history of development in Lancaster County which started with land being purchased in 1965 to construct the 30 room Willow Valley Motel. An additional 34 rooms, an outdoor pool, bakery and sales area were constructed in 1969. 1975 brought 48 more rooms as well as a sauna, indoor pool and game room area. In 1979, 58 more rooms as well as a central laundry were constructed giving Willow Valley Inn a total of 170 rooms.

A 100 seat restaurant and 130 seat banquet facilities were added to the hotel in 1967. Additions to the restaurant in 1968, 1977 and 1982 increased the seating and banquet capacity to 800.

In 1986, the Inn was expanded to include an additional building with 183 rooms, a 225 seat restaurant, conference rooms, indoor pool and a fitness center

Willow Woods Apartments & Townhouses were developed and constructed during 1974-1975 consisting of 120 units on 84 acres of land which also included the Willow Valley Golf Course.

In 1979/1980 the Willow Valley Square Shopping Center was developed and constructed. It opened with 25 shops and offices as well as a 30,000sf Supermarket. A second building was added in 1989 to include additional office and retail space. The Willow Valley Square consists of approximately 85,000sf of retail, office, restaurant and supermarket space.

Willow Valley has purchased land, developed ideas and brought these ideas to fruition over the past 45 years. Willow Valley started its own Property Management & Development division to provide a greater hand in the administration of future projects and the relationships this team has built has been a great asset in the management and development of recent projects.

In 2003 Willow Valley Development managed the development of the first of two medical buildings at the Willow Valley Lakes Business & Medical Center bringing quality healthcare services to the Willow Street area. The first building of 15,000+sf is located directly across from Willow Valley’s Corporate Office. The second is the WV Medical Center which was developed and constructed in 2007 which is 74,000sf and is home to Orthopedic Associates of Lancaster, Lancaster General Services and other physicians offering quality services to the local community.

A project completed in Harrisburg, PA illustrates the Willow Valley attention to detail. This five-story hotel features 126 rooms, 3,000 sf of meeting space, a business center and restaurant. The Hilton Garden Inn Harrisburg East is operated by Willow Valley Associates under a license agreement with Hilton Inns, Inc. a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hilton Hotels Corporation. This hotel located at 3943 TecPort Drive, Harrisburg PA serves business and leisure travelers.