Conference Services Specialist
DoubleTree - Part Time


The Specialist uses his knowledge of the position, personal experiences and the resources available from the various hotel departments in order to provide a premier experience for the Guests. By ensuring all meeting spaces and conference services equipment are in excellent condition.

Essential Duties and Responsibility include the following:

  • Supervising Conference Services Associates while working along side them to set rooms for the functions in a timely fashion.
  • Coordinating department resources such as manpower, equipment, and meeting rooms in order to meet the needs and expectations of the Guests.
  • Thinking and planning ahead so meeting room turnovers are done as quickly as possible with as much attention to detail as possible.
  • Creating a task list for the shift and continuously updating it based on feedback from Guests and other hotel department.
  • Providing the sales staff with insight gained from knowledge and personal experience in order to better accommodate the various needs and desires of our Guests.
  • Updating and confirming function details and late bookings via email, phone or direct contact
  • Generating revenue with the various Turkey Hill vending machines and by persuading Guests to rent out our LCD projectors, television, and other AV equipment.
  • Controlling all the audio and visual equipment in the chapel during functions, especially weddings.
  • Adjusting sound, temperature, lighting, and all other equipment to the Guest’s desired levels.
  • Servicing and filling the kegerators with pressurized beverages.
  • Processing inventory for all necessary Conference Services items such as pads, pens, mints, batteries, easels, etc.
  • Rotating and replenishing linens in their designated spots.
  • Storing, rearranging, and maintaining all the food receptacles needed for banquet services such as chaffers, freezers, and bread racks.
  • Making arrangements with outside vendors to supply banquet and meeting needs such as AV, drapery, kiosks, specialty tables, and colored skirting when the hotel staff itself does not have the resources on hand.
  • Maintaining the Conference Services equipment, the storage rooms, the Conference Services office, and making arrangements with common areas to clean the meeting rooms and other public areas.
  • Producing and placing proper signage for various meeting rooms or hazardous areas.
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