Security Officer
DoubleTree - Part Time - Weekend, 9:30pm to 6am


The Security Officer is responsible for making rounds both inside and outside of the DoubleTree Resort and the Café 24Hundred Restaurant by patrolling on foot and occasionally by vehicle looking for suspicious or potentially dangerous behavior.  This position protects hotel guests and property inside the hotel.  The Security Officer protects the hotel premises against theft, fire, vandalism and trespassers. This position will also be required to maintain the property during the shifts by answering maintenance calls and assisting housekeeping and doing light maintenance tasks.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following:

  • The primary responsibility of hotel security is to protect the hotel, guests, Team Members, and the property within it.
  • Must be able to remain calm in tense situations and be able to take charge in the event of an emergency.
  • Must have the ability to resolve issues with Guests, Team Members and the general public.
  • Must be able to use influencing and persuasion skills when dealing with Guests, Team Members and the general public.
  • Frequently addresses complex, sensitive or controversial matters that can have a major impact on the Company.
  • Must be completely well versed in the Emergency Preparedness Manual so that any situation will be handled properly and the correct people are contacted.
  • Must have knowledge and understanding of the operation of the fire panels.
  • Patrols public areas to detect fires, unsafe conditions, and missing or inoperative safety equipment.
  • Keep a log book of anything unusual or problematic. Responsible for completing end of shift reports.
  • Act as a liaison between police and the hotel in the event that there is a situation needed police attention.
  • Patrols halls, lobbies, corridors, public areas, restaurant, bar, banquet and meeting rooms and responds to any type of disturbance, from a fire or unauthorized guest to a medical emergency.
  • Confers with management, interviews Guests, Team Members and other persons when investigating disturbances, complaints, thefts, vandalism and accidents.
  • Responds to guest complaints concerning disturbances and problems with neighboring hotel guests.
  • Officer responds to complaints of thievery, disorder, and other disturbances within the hotel, restaurant and its parking areas. This may include contacting the local Police Department to give assistance.
  • Other tasks may include warning or removing unauthorized individuals from the hotel, restaurant and parking areas to eliminate the unwanted harassment of hotel and restaurant guests. This may include contacting the local Police Department to give assistance.
  • Assists management and enforcement officers (Fire, EMT, Police) in emergency situations.
  • Cautions careless Guests.
  • Answers paged calls.
  • Picks up any trash seen in the parking lot, common areas, mulch beds, sidewalks etc. during patrols and informs the Front Desk of full trash cans or excess trash when/if necessary so that they can inform the appropriate staff.
  • Assists with completion of preventative maintenance work orders and general maintenance tasks.
  • Interprets company policies and enforces safety regulations.
  • On certain days this position will be required to monitor patrons’ actions at the restaurant and bar areas. This is to assure that the quiet enjoyment of the dining area can be had by guests while the bar guests continue to enjoy themselves and no one is causing problems in the hotel, restaurant or lobby areas.
  • Notifies staff of the presence of persons with known questionable reputations, questionable alcohol levels or prior behavioral issues.
  • Notifies staff of the presence of persons with questionable alcohol levels.
  • Responsible to assist in checking ID to prevent underage drinking violations by minors at the bar in Café 24Hundred; maintaining order and enforcing regulations.
  • Due to seasonal or group related needs within the Hospitality Industry it may be necessary to adjust schedules to meet the demands of the business.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.
  • Flexibility in scheduling / rotating weekends.

Education and/or Experience

High school diploma or general education degree (GED); and 2-5 years related experience, training or trade/technical school training; or equivalent combination of education and experience

Certificates, License, Registrations

Valid PA Driver’s Licenses.
CPR Certification preferred ( training provided)
RAMP Certified (training provided)
Hilton Brand Standards (training provided upon hire)

*** Weekends, Night Shift ***

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